Ein „unversperrter“ enger Käfig als „Aufenthaltsraum“ für Flüchtlinge in Europa aus herzlicher Solidarität mit geflüchteten Menschen? In Chios (Griechenland) schaut´s traurig aus….

Finanzmarkt- und Konzernmacht-Zeitalter der Plutokratie unterstützt von der Mediakratie in den Lobbykraturen der Geld-regiert-Regierungen in Europa, Innsbruck am 20.03.2017

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bitte lasst das ein fake sein. flüchtlinge in griechenland

The VICE exclusively publish the photo-shame from the hot spot of Viale, the „worst in Europe“.

A cage for humans. A wire cage with the use of which is to restrict refugees and immigrants who have just arrived in Greece. A photo with a cage showing a condition shame once again those who manage refugee: the state, the NGOs that hide their heads in the sand, all those who know and do not see how.

The VICE today presents a photograph showing the horror experienced by refugees from the authorities, immediately after having lived the difficult journey from the coast of Turkey survived the death boats.

According to what is reported, it has taken a few months ago in the center of Viale Chios first reception and identification. In a large building that is guarded by the police, there are two cages to detain people new arrivals to the island. Men, women and children are crammed in one place and, as is alleged, there were cases and had told people that will stay for a few hours, he stayed for the whole night.

„There are no cages“

In correspondence with the First Reception Service and Identification, competent office in Viale, we received the following reply: „particularly appreciate that proceed to the passing of such an information procedure is obviously not correct. There are cages for housing beneficiaries in substation Chios or structures could be described by this term in any way „, while a question about whether or ever have been, we have not received any response. So did the Ministry of Immigrant Policy replied that at the moment there is no such type construction.

„It looks like, but is not crate“

So while the Ministry Mr. Mouzala says he does not know anything about a place that reminds even cage, by the Ministry of the Protection of Our Citizens informed that there is a space in Viale like, but they said not cage as that term is unfortunate, since it is not closed on top. As they argued in part that is not stacked or remain people and the wire that there has come. As said, this space is delimited, enclosed to become the first administration of newcomers. Eye contact with all the services, as it is almost at the manufacturing center. There is the first management and in terms of police and other agencies active in Viale. The police officers do body check, check their belongings and some organizations give their active water if there is the need to see a doctor. Finally, in relation to the part of the complaint relating to our time stay they said they are short-lived and in any case has not reached one night as terminated.

„The cage is unlocked ‚

Since the UNHCR have confirmed the existence of the structure. Even said that it has entered as a question to the authorities. As told us: „It is not a prison or cage. This thing was created in December 2016 by the authorities to facilitate the management of crowds, people are going to record, not to lose their turn and confused. Of course, it was unfortunate the choice of material that refers to prison cells, etc. The purpose is not to be people in custody, but to become the better the recording process. The purpose is completely different, but unfortunately used this material resembling a cage. We as UNHCR saw, though we agree with the objective to facilitate the recording as we want people to be recorded as possible quick and efficient manner, on the other we want this to be done with dignity. From the first time we had put this to the authorities that the way that they do not refer to other situations, and what we were two weeks ago to leave the barbed wire on top and is clearly better image. Also, people are not locked but is there as a way to grasp their turn. „

From Praxis active in point confirm the existence of the cage and note that „All processes should be structured in such a way as to ensure dignity and not to insult the human condition.“

„The Viale is not appropriate“

The Adriano Silvestri, head on immigration and asylum of the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights states that: „The infrastructure in BIAL is not suitable for use as a hotspot. Space is limited and it is not easy to organize the flow of new arrivals. After a series of incidents related to safety and to separate the new arrivals from the rest, the construction bind that will result in the creation of a separate space for the new arrivals, and from there, we are led to the first record. It is important that new arrivals to be separated from other people in the hotspot, so you can be properly informed of their rights and obligations, to register properly and routed to the appropriate procedures. However, this should not lead to their first reception areas to not provide decent conditions. If people in the new arrivals feel that they are treated without respect, they will be less likely to cooperate with the authorities. „

The hot spot of Viale, has declared the worst in Europe , in fact a „black hole bordered on the impossible.“ The officials contacted the VICE asking for the existence of the cage, they chose essentially not respond. Others denied the existence of, others played with words, saying that „not a cage, having no roof.“ The essence is: The picture turns us at other times, it is irrefutable. It is an image that causes shame. It is an image that exposes all (government, NGOs, EU) those involved with the refugee. It is an image that offends human dignity.

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Sharon Valerie Silvey

Refugees arriving on Chios. This is the cage they are put in upon arrival.

My God……Why?

Picture courtesy of Lauren Lacey

Aus dem per ÖVP-Amtsmissbräuche offenkundig verfassungswidrig agrar-ausgeraubten Tirol, vom friedlichen Widerstand, Klaus Schreiner

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